Payroll - A Complete Confidential Payroll service

As everybody knows, if you get the wages wrong then you can have a mutiny on your hands.
This area is very delicate as it needs to be kept confidential and correct. Any peculiar tax codes we will address to make sure the codes are correct for the employee.
Our payrolls are run weekly, fortnightly, four weekly and monthly whichever suits your business. We can average out the basic wage for you so each month you know near enough what your wage budget will be, rather than paying four and five week months. This also helps the employee with their budgeting as they will take home near enough the same money each month rather than having less money when it's a four week month although they will miss the extra on the five week month. This is helpful for full time hourly paid staff who works overtime. Of course you will have to notify the employees first and make sure they are all happy with this. You will be surprised how much this helps the monthly budgeting as the wage bill fluctuates hugely from a four to a five week month.
Our reports can be tailored to suit your business. If each department is on a budget, the manager will be able to have his or her own report.

The Inland Revenue is gearing up for everything to be done online. We can help you to set up so you can pay your PAYE online as this will be the only way to pay in the future. If you would prefer for us to pay your PAYE on your behalf then we can do this once we have cleared funds from you.

We can produce the necessary information that is required for your employee to apply for mortgages, working tax credits, loans etc. with your approval. Although they should keep their pay slips, P60 etc its amazing how many people throw them away.
We hope that the information on these pages are of help and look forward to hearing from you.

Also available is the payroll cloud for employee's to access their own payslips, details, history & P60's and employers to access their reports.

What we require from the employee:
Name & Address
Date of Birth
National Insurance Number
Marital Status
P45 (Form given to you from your previous employer) or if not available you will have to complete a starter checklist form v1.0
P45 shows your Tax code previous earnings and tax paid.

Student loan Type1 or Type 2

The above forms are needed to calculate the correct tax against your pay. Without these you could stay on emergency tax and pay more tax than you need to.

What we require from the employer:
Company Details
PAYE reference number
The above information asked from the employee.
Time sheets
Hourly rate
Start date
Department & Job description

We will register your company with the HM Revenue & customs to enable us to act as your agent and submit your payroll online at year end.

Information received from P45’s & P46’s will automatically be submitted to HMRC from the
payroll. Your payment and deduction details along with any statutory payments like sick or maternity pay, paternity, pensions, student loans, attachment orders etc are input into out system and the net pay amount is calculated for each employee. Details of the payments you require can be sent by email, fax or post, which ever is the best for you. They can be gross pay, hours and rates, static or variable and can include commission, bonuses, deductions etc.
Reports can be tailored to suit your requirements.

We want to take away all the hassle of your payroll so that you can concentrate on your business. We can collate the timesheet hours, Produce payslips, reports and any P45's.
Advise you of PAYE tax and NI.

Every month we will send a statement of the amount of tax and NI contributions that you have to pay to HMRC. You can then either make the payment yourself or send us a cheque made out to HMRC for us to post or once we have cleared funds from you we can make the payment for you online and we will record and administer the payment for you.

We will Produce your end of year paperwork. At the end of the tax year we will produce your P14's (for HMRC), P60's (for your employees) and calculate your P35 end of year summary forms. We will electronically submit your year end forms to HMRC. Deal with any enquiries.